Alumni of the Week- WILLIAM!

As an international student who was in PSU only for the Spring 2017 semester, I thought that I had to make the most of my semester. And so I joined FOTO. I met incredible people who, among other things, accepted me very quickly, who were eager to meet people, to learn about different cultures and to share. And I shared with them perhaps the most life-changing and incredible experience of my life: THON. I was truly amazed by the selflessness, the generosity and the determination of the FOTO members, never would I have imagined how enriching these 46 hours would be!! It’s an exciting and fantastic event and attending it with my FOTO friends was absolutely perfect, I could feel everybody’s excitement and passion! Even more when I went on the floor!! It really is a weekend representing the culmination of a year-long effort to improve the families and the children’s lives. Every bake sale, every canvassing trip and every fundraising activity led to this very weekend. I may be more than 3000 miles away from PSU for this edition but I’m still thrilled because I know that those who are lucky to be there will proudly represent FOTO and relentlessly dance for a cure. Knowing that everybody will stand for the families makes me happy and grateful to have been part of this experience. My advice to everyone? Just enjoy yourself. Have some fun, encourage the dancers, meet with the families, take a lot of pics and be a part of this unique event!!!

Members of the Week- Erin Reiterman, Megan Gow, & Maddie Kaznica

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