Alumni of the Week- Ravi Chauhan


Ravi Chauhan (2017), Vorhees, New Jersey

I joined FOTO when I was just a freshman and it was by far the best decision I made when I was in college, years ago. When I was preparing to depart on my first canning trip, as many of you are this week, I almost bailed because the house I went to had a dog (Seems like everybody has one); however, I was coerced into going anyway and it set the foundation to my excellent experience with FOTO. FOTO helped me alleviate my fear of dogs. FOTO taught me the importance of supporting others, especially our incredible families. FOTO provided me a place to stay for at least 3 years post-graduation for football games (thanks 509 eabs, pledges and brooks I’m asking in advance). Most importantly, FOTO taught me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. It’s easy to skip out on a canning weekend and sit in your dorm, or skip a fundraiser because it’s too far, whatever the excuse, but if you get involved, I promise you, you will have an experience like I did and make some incredible friendships along the way. My advice to all of you is get as involved as you can.  It was so great for me I want everyone to have a similar experience to me. I hope to meet you all soon! Oh and happy birthday Josh!

Members of the Week- Laura Marvin & Bergen Sims