Alumni of the Week- HOOTIE

Andrew Houtmann (2017) Glen Mills, PA

Hello members of FOTO,

My name is Mr. Andrew Houtmann, but people call me Hootie, like the blowfish. I am from Glen Mills, Pa and I have been in FOTO for four years until I graduated last May.

My favorite FOTO memory has to be THON weekend. You will never see a more high-spirited event than at THON. I absolutely loved dancing my butt off in the FOTO stands to motivate the dancers. I also enjoyed hanging with the FOTO families during THON weekend, despite having to be the victim for whatever games that the Knapers or Eslingers wanted to play. You will also have the Tramels for this year’s THON so good luck with that!

You may not be listening to this message yet because you are doing your homework, or maybe you are staring at someone and wondering what they look like without eyebrows. For either instance, at least take this message in from a FOTO alum: STAY FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN AT THON WEEKEND. You will have a much better THON weekend experience and the dancers really appreciate it. If you’re in a committee, try to find time to hang in the FOTO stands between shifts. If you have a lot of school work that is due after THON weekend, try to work extra hard beforehand so you don’t have worry about it during THON weekend. Whatever your situation is, do whatever you can to support the dancers and of course the kids during THON weekend. FTK always. Hootie out.

Member of the Week- Julia Cresci